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When you are looking for home loan options, you want to make sure you have the best in the industry giving you the most up to date information with the best financial options. At PrimeHomeLoans.co.za, you can get a quote for a loan in an area near you and have registered experts call you with their best prices trying to beat their competitors and gain your business.
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We only provide you thoroughly researched and proven professionals; so when we tell you that this advisor is one of the foremost around you, we know, and we mean every word. Honesty is our only policy. We don’t just rate these professionals with minimum standards but also ensure legal compliance.

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Our primary objective at is to do things right and give you the highest standard of services ever. When you are looking for a home loan, it is important to make sure that you’re getting the best professionals in this field possible.

You want someone that not only understands the basics of home ownership and loans but can offer you professional advice as well. You need to buy your home or an additional one? Knowledge of the mortgage industry is paramount, and that helps us in choosing professionals we offer to you, our customers.
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We go the extra mile just to satisfy you and ease you of the stress of looking for professionals. We don’t just list every home loan advisor available; we go the extra mile of researching and doing background checks of every professional on our list. All registered mortgage advisors have an excellent profile and are ready to show you on request.

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We’d love to help you source the best rate for your home loan.

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We pride ourselves on the fact that we appreciate and honour every enquiry or query. You will get an automated response within seconds and get a direct response from us within a few hours. We ensure that professionals referred to you are best suited for your needs and follow up on them for excellent service. We don’t just forget you the moment that one need is met; we keep in touch regularly with you and give you market and industry trends and updates frequently.

All registered professionals have a minimum of five years experience in investments and mortgage advisory. Most of them have vast portfolios and with proven success. They are committed to providing you with only the most qualitative services.

Our priority is to provide the most excellent possible service, so we believe it is of utmost importance to deal with complaints immediately. You will be offered the most suitable resolution step within five days. Sometimes, it may take longer, but we will keep you informed throughout the process. We will try to address your concerns, give you an explanation and discuss any needed action.

Our services

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Our satisfied clients had this to say about us:
I was looking to get a new property in the Johannesburg area since we started considering our business expansion; PrimeHomeLoans did a perfect job of giving me not just the best mortgage bankers around but also, banks with very reasonable interest rates. My favourite part was that they didn’t just shove one mortgage professional down my throat, they gave me deciding power. I got quotes and profiles from three different firms.
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Mara Krat
The professionalism displayed by PrimeHomeLoans and the three mortgage companies they referred to us was mind blowing. It was like the only thing they wanted to do was please us over and over again regardless of our demands. I would recommend PrimeHomeLoans anytime for your go-to “yellow page” for professional and excellent mortgage services.
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Jim Jabu
I would highly recommend PrimeHomeLoans for referrals for quality mortgage lenders who are professional and are very current with the best mortgage trends. All registered mortgage firms are thoroughly investigated, so you are “scam-proof.” They also give you professionals with very competitive rates that you can hardly beat anywhere.
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Abahram Delft
We have always visited PrimeHomeLoans website for the best lenders around. So when we needed to get another property for a client, we automatically logged on for great referrals. True to reputation, we were not disappointed. All references were so good with competitive rates that it was so hard to make a decision. When we finally did, there was no regret. I recommend PrimeHomeLoans for the best mortgage services close to you.
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Michael Smithson
When I had issues with a particular lender I chose out of the three options, I reported the matter to PrimeHomeLoans, and they were very swift in their response. Their conflict resolution methods were very impressive. All issues were resolved as needed with excellent professionalism as well. I would use them over and over again and highly recommend them to anyone.
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