Access Bond

Get access to funds paid into your home loan

Access Bonds

AccessBond is a Home loans facility designed to give customers access to funds that have been paid into their home loan account.

The AccessBond facility is granted at the sole discretion of the bank and is subject to Credit and Product criteria applicable at the time of application and during the loan period.   Customers may not insist on having the facility as it does not form the basis of granting the loan.

Link Option

The Link option allows customers to access “prepaid” funds only. i.e., funds paid in, over and above the required monthly instalment.


  • Development Bonds
  • Vacant Land for Future Development
  • Jumpstart and Cost Inclusive cost portions (unsecured Loan) greater than 100%LTV
  • Building loans (during the period of construction)
  • Government Collateral Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • One Account
  • Loan Term has expired
  • Balance to Loan Amount is greater than 100% (excludes newly registered accounts)
  • All Group Schemes – this is a business rule

Special Terms / Conditions

  • A Debit Order is mandatory
  • Customers can qualify for an Access Bond facility as long as there is a debit order loaded on the home loan account from any transactional account (SBSA or Agent bank)
  • Customers will need a SBSA transactional account to utilise the Access Bond facility to transfer funds to and from the home loan account.
  • For Juristic Entities: A resolution form should be signed by all partners, members, trustees, or directors of a company