Loyalty Home Loan

Use your property as Investment

Loyalty Home Loan

The Loyalty Home Loan product offering is specifically aimed at existing Home Loan customers selling their existing home and buying another property, which they intend to refinance with the same bank. This type of transaction is generally termed a “linked transaction”.

Loyalty Home Loan Product Offering Process Confirmation

The Loyalty Home Loan offering is a selection on your front-end system; as such you must ensure you follow the correct capturing procedure by selecting and completing the required “fixed field” information.

Loyalty Home Loan: Process to Capture

It is very important that you establish whether you have an existing (currently active) Home Loan account that will be cancelled when taking up new Home Loan finance (linked transaction).

If this is the case, you would qualify for the Loyalty Home Loan offers.

Detailed below is the process to be followed on the Home Loan application form on your front-end system:

  • You must select the “Yes” option for a Loyalty Home Loan.
  • It is imperative that you complete the “existing Home Loan account to be cancelled” detail in the relevant field.
  • Please ensure that you capture a valid, active Home Loan account number in the applicable field.
  • Important to note, if this is not completed, you will not receive the Loyalty Home Loan benefits, resulting in re-work and customer frustration.

The Offering


The Loyalty Home Loan is a normal home loan with value-added benefits to reward the customer for their repeat business. Please note that this is a permanent offering that supports not only our customers but also provides you with an additional “benefit-based solution” for qualifying customers.

The Benefits are:


  • 25% discount on NCA initiation fee
  • 5% of the new loan amount with a maximum of R6000.00 cashback paid to the customer on the date of
  • registration as per customer instruction from the registering Attorney
  • Get a pro-rata rebate on the early termination fee when cancelling your existing loan
  • The Loyalty Home Loan is a permanent offering that can be offered at any time.
  • Limitations and exclusions to the offering:
  • Affordable housing where FLISP is taken up
  • Temporary residents
  • Non-Residents
  • Building Loans
  • MultiPlan
  • Further Advance
  • Vacant Land
  • Non-individuals e.g., trust, companies, close corporations, partnerships etc.

We believe that the Loyalty Home Loan product offering provides you with valuable insight into the re-mortgaging benefits offered to existing Home Loan customers, equipping, and supporting you in ensuring a great service experience to our customers.