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Other Home Loan Services

It pays to have experts on your side when it comes to applying for your Home Loan. We have an 82% success rate in closing the deal for you.

Building Loan Enhancements

Building Loan Enhancements

Building Loans is a key product which enables customers to fulfil their aspirations of building their dream home. This being said, the dynamic nature of the building project can create some operational and financial challenges for both the customer and the bank.

Loyalty Home Loan icon

Loyalty Home Loan

The Loyalty Home Loan product offering has been very well received by the market; however there seems to be some questions as to the process that needs to be followed in order for your customer to enjoy the benefits of the offering.

FlexiReserve Facility icon

FlexiReserve Facility

Allows the client to deposit additional funds into their home loan and when needed, withdraw any funds paid over and above the required instalment amount. (e.g. If the instalment is R1 500 and an amount of R2 000 is paid, the client will have access to R500).

FlexiForward Facility icon

FlexiForward Facility

This account management option that allows the client to automatically increase his/her home loan repayments on an annual basis. The client chooses the increased repayment every year.

Multiplan Facility icon

Multiplan Facility

An option that gives you the freedom to structure your home loan account and offers the option of one Secondary account. It consists of a Primary account (your original home loan account) with one Secondary account.

Foreign National Home Loan icon

Future Us Plus

Future Use is an existing offering whereby the customer pays for the Future Use amount and is responsible for the full registration costs.


Flexi Option icon

Flexi Option

An option that allows customers electronic access to surplus Prepaid funds in their home loan 24 hours a day.

HomeVision Facility icon

HomeVision Facility

Loan that allows you to register a higher amount than the purchase price of the property, creating a surplus that can be accessed later.

Refugee Program icon

Refugee Program

With immediate effect, Refugees will no longer be declined but will be referred to Credit.