Use your property as Investment

Buy-to-Rent Home Loans

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Future Rental Income in the affordability assessment of a Buy-to-Rent applicant purchasing residential investment properties for letting purposes.

Taking Future Rental Income into account in an applicant’s affordability assessment without having to provide a lease agreement is the first of its kind in South Africa.


  • The future rental income solution is designed specifically for residential property investors who already own two or more residential properties either bonded or un-bonded, with Absa or another bank. That is, they would be purchasing their third or more residential investment property for letting purposes, but by virtue of the new purchase, they are unable to provide evidence of the Future Rental Income to be received at the time of application. To overcome this challenge, expected Future Rental Income may be included in the applicant’s Buy-to-Let affordability assessment
  • The Buy-to-Rent solution currently offers property and tenant management solutions to further support our customers in their wealth creation journey based on an investment in residential property. Our key partners offer great discounts to Absa Investors:
    • TPN – tenant management software, leasing documents and suburb investment reports at 25% discount
    • Trafalgar – tenant sourcing management for up to 50% discount on fees
  • In addition, investors will have access to financial planning through the WIMI Virtual Advice Team. Financial Planning is essential when striving towards achieving financial goals and the WIMI Virtual Advice Team will support our customers in reaching that goal:
    • Insurance and Risk Protection
    • Savings and Investments
    • Wills and Trusts

How does Future Rental Income work?

Where there is a need for Future Rental Income to support the applicant’s affordability assessment and where proof of the expected Future Rental Income cannot be provided by the applicant at the time of application, an estimated market-related Future Rental Income may be included in the income calculation on the application. Our credit team will then assess this for inclusion in the applicant’s affordability assessment.


As is currently, where the applicant has existing lease agreements to prove rental income and as such, where an applicant is able to provide evidence of existing rental income, the applicant must provide evidence in the form of a copy of a signed existing lease contract/agreement with supporting six months bank statements, evidencing the last six rental deposits.

Campaign Code and Process:


In order to identify the application for Future Rental Income assessment, applications must be flagged with the following Campaign Code:

  • Code: CAMPAIGN 010
  • The campaign code must be annotated on the cover sheet of the application submitted

Additional to the above and in support of the Future Rental Income application submitted the following information also needs to be annotated on the cover sheet of the application:

  • Type of property
  • Number of bedrooms
    • Please note, for the number of bedrooms and property type:
      • Kindly engage the customer during the application completion process for the number of bedrooms and type of property.
      • This information is an upfront requirement in order to enable the credit assessment.
Capturing of Existing Rental and Future Rental Income:


The process for capturing existing and future rental income is as follows:

  • If the customer has Existing Rental Income, this income is be captured under the Rental Income field on the application form as per normal process
  • If the customer has Existing Rental Income and is making use of Future Rental Income:
    • The Existing Rental Income is to be captured as ‘Rental Income’ in the Rental Income field on the application form and,
    • In the “Other Income” field indicate ‘Future Rental Income’ and capture the rental amount into this field

Investment Buyer (Buy-to-Rent)

NedRevolve feature

  • All Nedbank products automatically qualify for the NedRevolve feature – except building loans.

Product Description

  • Utilised for the purchase of residential property with the intention of renting it out

Qualifying criteria

  • Minimum income R2,500 per month.
  • Clear credit record
  • SA Citizen
  • Payment by debit order


  • Up to 300 months

Qualifying criteria

  • Minimum income R2,500 per month.
  • Clear credit record
  • SA Citizen
  • Payment by debit order


  • Up to 300 months


  • Up to 30%
  • Applicants who do not meet all the criteria will be considered if motivated to credit.


  • Variable
  • 1-, 2- and 5-year fixed rates can be applied for after registration of the bond.


  • Overtime Earnings
  • Building Loans
  • Retirement Villages (Life right)
  • Timeshare
  • Agricultural smallholdings
  • Commercial Property

Special Terms / Conditions

  • Clients must stipulate that Life Insurance is not required.