FlexiReserve Facility

Allows you to deposit additional funds into your Home Loan

FlexiReserve Facility

FlexiReserve Facility allows you to deposit additional funds into your home loan and when needed, withdraw any funds paid over and above the required instalment amount. (e.g. If the instalment is R1 500 and an amount of R2 000 is paid, the client will have access to R500).


  • Provides access to available funds at the clients existing preferential home loan rate.
  • Available funds in the home loan can be used for any purpose – from home improvements, education, to dream holidays.
  • The minimum repayments will be adjusted periodically so that the loan is still paid over the existing/remaining term.
  • Additional deposits are deducted from the outstanding balance, effectively saving the client interest.
  • Immediate access to available funds via the Internet, telephone banking.
  • ATM’s or bank branches provided the client has a transactional account.
  • The minimum withdrawal/transfer is R1000.
  • The maximum transfer limit via the Internet, telephone and ATM is set by the client. This limit can be changed by visiting the branch


  • Group Scheme customers require permission from their employers before applying for this facility.
  • No direct cash withdrawals are permitted. If a client does not have a cheque or savings account, they will need to request a cheque drawn in their favour at a bank branch.
  • FlexiReserve is not available during the building loan process – it will only be operational once the final payment has been made.