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Young Professionals icon

Young Professionals Home Loan

First Time Homebuyers up to the age of 35 can apply for up to 105% bond with a maximum purchase price of R1 500 000. The proposition is open to Young Professionals with any 4-year degree at NQF level 8 or higher i.e. (honors).



Future Rental Income in the affordability assessment of a Buy-to-Let applicant purchasing residential investment properties for letting purposes. Taking Future Rental Income into account in an applicant’s affordability assessment without having to provide a lease agreement is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Building Loans

Building Loan

Building Loans is for building or alterations to a residential property. The property value must be a minimum of R600K.

Foreign Choice icon

Foreign Choice

Foreign Choice is a product for non-residents and foreign nationals who want to purchase residential property in South Africa or for South Africans who are working and living in another country, looking to buy a property in South Africa.

Revolving Facility icon

Revolving Facility

Provides the client speedy access to surplus funds which accumulates should the client pay more than the prescribed instalment or decide to make a lump sum payment to the Home loan account.

HIP Housing icon

HIP Housing

HIP Housing is for people between 21 and 40 and for first time home buyers only.


Business Mortgage icon

Business Mortgage

Offers mortgage financing to business owners who are operating their businesses from residential type properties where more than 50% of the property is used for business purposes and the potential to convert back to residential use is maintained, and properties zoned for business purposes from the local authority/municipality.

Access Bond

Access Bond

AccessBond is a Home loans facility designed to give customers access to funds that have been paid into their home loan account. The AccessBond facility is granted at the sole discretion of the bank and is subject to Credit and Product criteria applicable at the time of application and during the loan period.

Future Use Facility icon

Future Use Facility

Customers can register a loan for more than is required at time of application.

Foreign National Home Loan icon

Foreign National Home Loan

Foreigners, not residents in South Africa, who are keen to invest in property here, can do so individually or jointly.

The Application Process

Document Preparation

Document Preparation

  • Signed Application form
  • Copy of the Deed of Sale
  • Proof of Identity of the Purchaser/s
  • Proof of Income of the Purchaser/s
Bank Approval

Bank Approval

  • Assess your credit history with Credit Bureaus
  • Evaluate your affordability based on the declared income
  • Issue an Approval in Principle (AIP) subject to:
    • Bonded property has sufficient value
    • Home Owners Comprehensive Building Insurance (Compulsory)
Loan Registration

Loan Registration

  • Bank will appoint an attorney to prepare the Home Loan documents.
  • A bond attorney will contact you to confirm receipt of the Bank  Instructions.
  • Transferring Attorney will contact you to sign the required transfer documents.
  • Once all documentation has been drafted and signed the documents will be lodged in the Deeds Office for  registration.

First Time Home Buyer Proposition

First Time Home Buyers Proposition are applicable to our Young Professionals and MyHome offerings

Attorney Discount

Attorney Discount

50% Bond registration discount for all first-time home buyers


Young Professionals Home loan

3-year degree at NQF level 7 or higher, up to the age of 35 can apply for up to 105% bond with a maximum purchase price of R1 800 000

The new MyHome income

The new MyHome income

All first-time buyers earning less than R26 100 (gross monthly income) will be provided free access to borrower education (also available digitally) Note: The waiving of the Home Loan Initiation Fee of R6,037.50 has been removed from the MyHome proposition.

Conditional Concession offer of 0.25%

Conditional Concession offer of 0.25%

All first-time buyers will receive an additional -0.25% concession on their variable interest rate on condition:

  • The customer opens a primary transactional account with Absa (Gold Value Bundle or Premium Banking Account or Private Banking Account)
  • The Home Loan debit order is loaded against the Absa transactional account.
Cashback limited offer

Cashback limited offer

First time home buyers must:

  • Have an existing Absa cheque account or have opened a new (Gold Value Bundle; Premium or Private Banking) Absa cheque account.
  • Sign a debit order form for the repayment of their Home Loan to be paid from this Absa cheque account.
Duration of the cashback limited offer:

Duration of the cashback limited offer:

  • R5 000 cashback will be paid on registration of the  home loan in the Deeds office, into the Absa cheque account from which the monthly debit order is paid.
  • Starts on 20th October 2021 and Ends on 28 February 2022.