FlexiForward Facility

Allows you to deposit additional funds into your Home Loan

FlexiForward Facility

FlexiForward Facility allows you to automatically increase your home loan repayments on an annual basis. You can choose the increased repayment every year.

There are 3 options for you to choose from:

  • An annual percentage increases
  • An annual rand amount increase
  • A specific term (e.g., What you would like to pay)


  • Allows you to pay his/her home loan over a shortened term.
  • This agreement is not legally binding. You do not need to sign any new legal documentation – the original mortgage loan agreement remains applicable throughout the life of your home loan.
  • You may amend or defer annual increases if you can’t manage the additional financial burden. (You can even revert back to the original loan obligations with ease and at no additional cost – it’s all your choice).
  • The bank automatically adjusts repayments to compensate for FlexiReserve withdrawals, interest rate changes or any additional deposits made into your home loan).
  • Instalments to be paid by debit order.